The Curriculum project

The Curriculum Model, a collaborative project innitiated by Mandana Barkeshli, Paul Hepworth, and Karin Scheper, was developed to fill a void: Islamic manuscripts constitute a repository of enormous cultural and intellectual value and number in the millions; yet currently there are no educational programs which focus on their specific conservation issues.

Conservators of Islamic manuscripts currently face significant obstacles in order to get proper training.  For many would-be conservators in Africa and Asia, educational opportunities may be limited whereas programs in North America and Europe are largely directed towards the conservation of western manuscripts. To address the need for an articulated and directed approach to Islamic manuscript conservation a curriculum model with this particular focus has been written for a two-year program of education. An extended introduction to the curriculum model can be found here.

The program, including a bibliography, can be downloaded here.

Development of the curriculum model was supported by the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) and The Islamic Manuscript Association (TIMA).